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‘Our task is not to tell people that they must believe in Jesus, but so to tell them of Jesus that they must believe in Him.’ – Steve Holmes (Lecturer of Theology @ St. Andrew’s)

I aim to collect all my favourite sermons and papers on this page so people need not sift through my text to get to these links.  Some of these stuff you won’t find anywhere in book stores (yet), so read or listen to some uncompromising stuff from some Spirit-inspired preachers/writers before some idiot tries to censor this stuff!

New Updates

5-Jan-12: “Time is Love” essay (on time) under my name.

20-Feb-11:  Dangers of glorifying “glory” under Ron Frost.

24-Jan-11: Added article by Mike Reeves on “Adam and Eve”, commenting on the (negative) implications of embracing the scientific theory of evolution as a Christian.

9-Sep-10: Updated link under “Media and News” – Bono’s theology on Christ. Beautiful.

Paul Washer

Shocking Message Stuns Youth at Conference – a very convicting message on American Evangelical Christianity’s method of ‘saving’ people and the heresy of the “Sinner’s Prayer”.  Recommend this as the first sermon to listen to.

Mark Prentice (taken from here)

Acknowledge the Son of Man – a sermon on what evangelism means for the Christian, and why we should fear God, not man regardless of where you are because we are always prone to come up with unbiblical ‘excuses’ for not evangelising.  Some challenging and riveting sermon this is!  Recommend this as the second sermon to listen to, after Paul Washer’s one above.

Peter – Service Resumed – a sermon on the essence of sanctification, by no means willed by ourselves but a wholesome understanding and response to the overwhelming love of God through Christ.

Matt Jenson (taken from here)

Faith is Nothing – a look at the doctrine of “faith alone”, and why Luther would reject faith itself being a “work”.  Especially good if you (inaccurately) think that you are saved because of YOUR faith!

Derek (taken from here)

How to Waste Your Theological Education – a good starters humble-pie for those who are a bit big-headed about their first theology.

Paul Blackham (taken from here)

On Faith of the Christians in the Old Testament – short, but good audio introductory explanation of why the God-lovers in the Old Testament not only have faith in “God”, but have conscious and clear faith in Jesus Christ.  Register for free @ All Souls Church website first before downloading the sermon.

On Genesis 15, Genesis 18-19 – relatively detailed seminar in Australia on the Angel of the Lord, the second Person of the Trinity’s appearances to Abraham and Lot and why they utterly matter.

Anything from Paul Blackham’s DVD “Book by Book” series.

Mike Reeves (taken from here)

On Trinity, part one, part two, part three, part four – a very good audio analysis of the history of how the “doctrine” of the Trinity developed in church history, and how an accurate understanding of the Trinity will prevent all types of heresies.

On Sacraments – I wrote about this in my talk on Catholicism (under the QnA for Sacraments).  He conveys the message much better than what I wrote, so listen to the Spirit speak through him.  If you always had trouble understanding why God gave us the sign of infant baptism and communion, then listen NOW!

Table Talk #007 – The seventh Table Talk between Mike Reeves and a guest speaker in the series “Table Talk” inspired by Martin Luther.  The guest this time is Ron Frost, and they speak about Richard Sibbes and the pastoral nature of the gospel, looking at Christ as our bridegroom and understanding our relationship with him as founded on a marital love.  Heart-warming!

1 Corinthians 15 – One of the most comprehensive and exciting talks on almost every topic covered in Scripture without being light on any one of them, shaped by looking at New Creation, our resurrection hope and what it means for us now to have firstfruits of new life as tied into Leviticus 23.

Nine to Five – breaking misconceptions of the popular Protestant work ethic based on Genesis 2:15.

Song of Songs & Ecclesiastes – part of his Wisdom Literature series.  The title says it all.

Understanding Proverbs – part of his Wisdom Literature series.  The title says it all.

Understanding Psalms – part of his Wisdom Literature series.  The title says it all.

Understanding Suffering – part of his Wisdom Literature series.  An exposition of the book of Job.

We are not saved by grace – blog post by Dan Hames, taken from Mike Reeves’ UCCF article.

Adam and Eve – Mike Reeves’ article from the book “Should Christians embrace evolution?”, commenting on the (negative) implications of embracing evolution as a Christian.

Anything from Mike Reeves on, especially the “Introducing…” series.

Dev Menon (links taken from here)

Law and Gospel – detailed analysis/essay of the different ways the Old and New Testament connect with each other, 5 broad strokes of the widely held views today, with a more specific focus on dispensationalism and covenant theology.

On Secular Universities – an essay/critique of universities and most education at all levels.  Especially helpful if you have gone to one, will go to one, or teach at one (one meaning not only universities, but high school, school, etc).

On the Ascension – (quick!) sermon on the Ascension, the most misunderstood, mysterious, but completely and utterly necessary part of the Christ’s ministry.  Script here.

Mystery Revealed in Christ’s fullness – a blog-post explanation of the term ‘mystery’ used in the NT

Faith vs. Works – a short blog-post explanation of this age-old debate.  A clear message for those who take grace cheaply, yet also a strong rebuke for those who over-emphasise works which are not part of Jesus’ commands.

Leon Sim (taken from here)

On Hebrews 10 – sermon script; explains creation, Genesis 1 and why creation is NOT ex nihilo.

Confusions about the body in 1 Corinthians – great essay on the horror of sinning in our union with the body of Christ.

Glen Scrivener (taken from here)

Christ in the OT – again, a very good series covering most of the passages in the Old Testament of the Christophanies of Christ, and why they really do matter.

We all have our creation stories – a blog post on why science makes theological claims and that Christianity is just as testable according to its own respective ‘nature’.

Apologetics?  Nein! – a blog post quoting Barth on the problems of apologetics.  Dev and Glen’s comments near the end of the post are worth thinking about too!

Blogging through Exodus – a recent blog-series in anticipation of the day commemorating Christ’s resurrection in year 2010.  It is a compilation of blog entries by several blogger-theologians cut from different cloth and is a chapter by chapter treatment of the gospel book.

Victor and Victoria Trimondi

The Shadow of the Dalai Lama – a detailed look at the practices of Tibetan Buddhism (this is a book translated from its original German).  Pray before you read, this is extremely dark stuff…

Jaeson Ma (taken from here)

Christianity in Asia during the End-Times – a humourous yet extremely insightful and prophetic talk on what the role of Asia is in the book of Daniel, Revelation and during these End-Times.

Nathan Pitchford (his blog is here, but he also writes here)

The Reformers’ Hermeneutic:  Grammatical, Historical, and Christ-centered – a very good and brief article on the Reformers’ usage of the “grammatico-historical” hermeneutic, which is literal but not naturalistic as misused by contemporary theologians.

Rich Owen (who preaches here)

1 Corinthians 11 – similar to Mike Reeves’ talk on Sacraments above, this is a full blown treatment of the grace of communion!

Genesis 27 – if you think you’ve heard Jesus being preached in the OT, wait till you hear Jesus preached in the OT like this.

Bobby Grow (who writes here)

The incredulity of Classic Calvinism, and arminianism – awesome short post on the true meaning of salvation and election corrupted by classic calvinism and arminianism.

Ron Frost (who writes here and here)

Glorifying Glory – great article explaining the difference between God being a glory-monger, as opposed to being a glory-sharer!


Time is Love – essay on how our understanding of “time” heavily impacts the way we read Scripture, especially the Old Testament, and our understanding of how the Holy Spirit works in the Old Testament.

The Beautiful Gifts – 1 Corinthians 7 essay on the urgency of marriage or celibacy for every Christian.  Geared towards new Christians and Christians who wish to know what Scripture says about the purpose of marriage, and is deliberately written as a preface to “The Great Gospel” Ephesians 5 essay below.

The Great Gospel – Ephesians 5:22-33 essay on marriage and how it points to Christ and the church.  Geared towards new Christians and Christians who wish to know what Scripture really says about marriage, sexuality and dating.

Christ and Buddha – Powerpoint slides for an introductory critique on Buddhism and how Christians should engage with Buddhists.  Audio part 1 (explanation of the Buddhist philosophy); part 2 (how to respond and engage with the philosophy explained in part 1)

On Catholicism – preparation script for my introductory critique of both Catholicism and Protestantism.  Audio part 1 (on the Catholic belief), and Audio part 2 (QnA discussion), and Powerpoint slides

Archive of Bible Commentaries – click here.

Historical Theology (1st to 7th C) – a summary of the key works of important theologians, councils and heresies of the first seven centuries after Christ’s incarnation.

Historical Theology (7th to 15th C) – a summary of the key works of important theologians, councils and movements of the Middle Ages.

Historical Theology (14th to 16th C) – a summary of key works of important theologians, councils and movements during the Reformation.

Carolina Tam

Christianity and Islam – Powerpoint slides for an introductory critique on Islam and how Christians should engage with Muslims.  Audio part 1 (Doctrine of Islam) and part 2 (QnA).

Media & News

Bono on Christ – Artists as the best apologists.  Beauty.

3 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Carolina says:

    Christianity and Islam –
    Just something which needs to be clarified…I just listened to my audios and found that I made a mistake. I constantly referred to the Trinity as One in 3 persons but it makes more sense to say that God is three persons in One because they are 3 persons relationally and they are only One as a result of their love for each other.

    If saying that He is One in 3 persons, it could suggest that God is One originally but split into 3 persons and the loving nature of God may not make sense as it is the love that makes them One.

    i have changed this on the power-point! sorry to have confused anyone…

    In Christ,

  2. Evonne says:

    I’m no expert, yet I ‘m learning that the three are all Yaweh, Yaweh the Son, Yaweh the Sacred Spirit. One the way only they can be until we submitt and become one with and in Him, Yeshua. Don’t got all the answers just got Him. Amen

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