Xining, Qinghai

After about 4 weeks back in HK, I’m off again!  Much like last time, I won’t be blogging from 9-Jan-09 till 2-Mar-09 because of internet censorship.  During this period, I’ll be participating in God’s work in the North-western region of Mainland China predominately filled with Muslims and Buddhists (Islam is the official religion of the city).  Just a photo of the city:


And a map to show where Xining is (it is where the red arrow begins in the middle of Mainland China.  I got the map off the net, so don’t be mistaken – we won’t be travelling outside of Xining!):


Here are a couple of prayer points if you will!

1. Ministry:   There are three separate ministries which Cadence and I will be participating in: Project TWELVE, the local orphanage, and teaching English classes.  These three are but a few choices through which the gospel is effectively preached, but we don’t want to spread ourselves too thin.  TWELVE is a theology-seminar-ish course, and we will be teaching theology in Chinese, so pray that we can communicate effectively given our last few months of Mandarin training.  The other two are avenues through which we express the Good News.  Undoubtedly, pray for the addition of more and more people to Christ’s body!

2.  Health:  The weather there is between -15 degrees Celsius to -25 degrees Celsius, far lower than anything we’ve experienced (since Cadence and I live on the equator, that is, Hong Kong).   Xining is on a higher region, which means there is a possibility that I may not be able to adapt to it, so pls. pray that we can both enjoy our time there without too many health difficulties.

3.  Relationship:  This is tied into prayer point #1.  Given that we are only spending 7-8 weeks there, it is unlikely that we have enough time to build long-lasting relationships unless we re-visit Xining on a frequent basis (and I cannot foresee that anytime within my training contract at a law firm in Hong Kong).  Prayerfully, this will not hinder our work there and that we will be supportive of the local leaders’ much longer-lasting impact.

4.  Personal study:  Cadence and I take theology very seriously, because we both believe that poor theology can be a sign of unbelief.  Theology is not a luxury for those “interested”, but a necessity in every Christian’s life because it is a term which simply describes your views of God (whether based on the Bible or not) and how you relate to Him – a study of the truth of God (Theo; Logos).  Given how the chronicles of church history have shown that poor theology has sown seeds of heresy and poison into people’s hearts, we are more than satisfied to challenge un-Christological truths rather than merely debate for the sake of intellectual curiosity or browbeating.  We will both spend the rest of the time outside of ministry on building up our relationship as a couple prior to marriage, as well as committing to in-depth bible studies and church-history readings during these 7-8 weeks.  Pls. pray that our time will be well-spent, rather than on DVD’s or whatnot that may contribute to procrastination (N.B:  I’m still working on the Deuteronomy commentary – just goes to show how likely I am to lose focus!).  Ultimately, all this personal study must be combined with the ministries which we are participating as per prayer #1, lest we be “spiritually obese”.

Thank you all who prayed for my time in Beijing, this is the second lap of the race in Mainland China!  May Christ be glorified to the four corners of the earth!

Xining, Qinghai