3 thoughts on “Creation

  1. stewart fleming says:

    Hello! Thank you for your really helpful creation articles. I hope to look at them in more detail over the next few days, (and also at the corresponding sections of AW Pink’s “Gleanings in Genesis”). The parallelism between days 1-3 and 4-6 is so interesting! I see that you have described this parallelism as a subsequent “filling” in days 4-6 of the things created in days 1-3 and also that they have a “witnessing” function. I was just wondering whether it might be possible somehow to interpret days 1-3 as prefiguring the work of Christ in Incarnation, Death and Resurrection, and days 4-6 as prefiguring the same processes but referring to the formation of the Church, (and of individual believers within the context of the Church)? Thus for example, the sun and moon in Rev. 12 would be the NT and OT Church respectively.)
    With all my very best wishes, and thank you so much once again for your excellent series of articles,
    Stewart Fleming

  2. Jacky says:

    Hi Stewart,

    Thanks. It would perhaps be better to say that Days 1-3 are shadow, blueprint, or form of Days 4-6. It wouldn’t be a long stretch to say that the witnessing and filling can somewhat relate to the work of Christ and the church born from His work – as long as we are on the same page that the OT and NT church are not fundamentally different (though the international Gentile-Israelite nature of the NT church is far more prevalent).

    Interesting take on the sun and moon in Rev 12 as NT and OT church, but I actually see the sun as representative of the head, the bridegroom, the Christ (Psalm 19; Malachi 4:2) and that the moon is the church (both NT and OT since they are essentially the same church filled with spiritual Israelites – Romans 11) reflecting the light of the sun, reflecting the light of Christ.

    Meanwhile, hope you enjoy the rest of the posts and that you manage to find something edifying.

  3. stewart fleming says:

    Hi Jacky,

    Many thanks for your reply!Yes, I agree that the OT and NT church are not fundamentally different. I think I was having what is sympathetically referred to as a bit of a “senior moment” when talking about Rev. 12!! What I actually meant to say was that it is the Woman in Rev 12 who represents the Church – whether in the OT or the NT. The fact that she is wonderfully clothed with the sun and has the moon under her feet, and a crown of 12 stars points to her true nature – the full light of Christ (the Sun) in the NT times and the paler reflected light of the moon pointing to the types and shadows of Christ which had to suffice for the true believers in Old Testament times who nevertheless looked forward to and longed for the full manifestation of Christ and received it by faith. The number 12 of the stars is significant in both OT and NT as representing the Church, also Dan 12:3)

    This is very well described in Charles Alexander’s comments on Rev. 12 ( http://www.allbygrace.com/alexrev047-15.html ) C. Alexanders writings and sermons have been really helpful to me in helping me appropriate (verb not adjective!!) OT prophecies and types etc. for Christ and the Church. I hope you will find this reference useful too, and really look forward to your comments.

    Thank you so much once again for all your good and helpful thoughts. They will be keeping me busy for quite some time!!!

    Best wishes from Stewart

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