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A graduate and post-graduate of a secular degree, and mere student of my Lord Christ. I am a happily married young man witnessing for the Messiah (currently based in Hong Kong), with the full intention of using the blog to display my public thoughts on the Holy Scriptures from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21 with one standard, which Christ set: “You search the Scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life; and it is they that bear witness about me” (John 5:39 ESV) — How often we think the Bible is about us…!

Be sure to leave a comment to edify the readers if you have any Spirit-inspired challenging thoughts or drop me an email at Please be patient if I don’t write an entry everyday, but I do read the comments quite often even if I do not reply at the same pace as I read. I am hoping to write at least once a week, and at most 7 times depending on availability of internet, time spent pondering the topic, and of course when I don’t procrastinate by the grace of God.

I have provided a concise glossary page (click “glossary” above) of terms which I use over and over again. They are intentionally concise so you can feed the thought without being too distracted (and I tend to use the terms in the general way they are used, and by no means providing nuanced definitions unless otherwise expressed!).

Be sure to read the following advice before letting the fun begin 🙂

Jacky, in praise of The sent One (blog commenced – April ’08)

A little observation from Carl Trueman, for all those theology blogs including mine:

“If a prideful desire to be a teacher, to be a somebody, is the fundamental problem, then one other aspect which is increasingly problematic is the whole phenomenon of the internet. Now anyone can put their views out for public consumption, without the usual processes of accountability, peer review, careful editing timely reflection etc. which is the norm in the scholarly world and has also been the tradition in the more theologically responsible parts of the Christian publishing industry. The internet has few quality controls and feeds narcissism. Again, I have a friend, a minister in a North American Presbyterian denomination who says that, as he reads many blogs, his overwhelming feeling is one of sadness as he sees men seriously undermining their future ministry through the venom they pour out on others. I think he is right.
Of course, all young theologians and aspiring church leaders say stupid and unpleasant things. I still blush about comments I made 15 or twenty years ago which now seem arrogant and offensive, and certainly unworthy of a Christian. But for those of us who are older, the sins of our youth are thankfully now long vanished from the public sphere; yet such sins committed today can live on indefinitely in cyberspace. I shudder for those who have not yet grasped this basic fact and who say some frightful things on the internet which will come back to haunt them the very first time a church googles their name as part of doing routine background checks on a potential ministerial candidate”.

4 thoughts on “Ego trip

  1. Richard DM says:

    Really impressed with your vision to do a John 5:39 on the whole Bible – and with the quality of what little I’ve seen so far I’ll be back. I hope many others see this too. Good work.

    1. Jacky says:

      Thanks Richard for your kind words – nothing is too difficult for the Spirit! Pray you enjoy seeing and experiencing Christ through all the Scriptures as well.

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