BOOK 2: PSALM 63 OF 72 – My soul will be satisfied

There is something profound and powerful when one empties oneself in seeking God’s face.  In prayer and fasting, we are deprived of our legitimate pleasures, to seek the exceeding pleasure of God’s presence.  Yet, David here is deprived of his legitimate pleasures but not of his own volition.  The latter stanza of this chapter describes how there are those who seek to destroy his life, and that liars are spouting deceptions against him.

There is little, however, regarding David’s predicament or dire circumstances.  Instead, David spends much of this psalm singing about how his soul thirsts for Him; how his flesh faints for Him; how His steadfast love is better than life; how his soul will be satisfied as with fat and rich food, and [his] mouth will praise [Him] with joyful lips.  This is a desperation, a meditation, a longing, that lasts through day and night.

There are times when we are in a proverbial wilderness, be that caused by a spiritual, financial and/or material drought.  Yet, in our temporary fast, whether that be of our own accord, or of God’s design, will we be able to find contentment, and satisfaction in Him as with fat and rich food?  The very things we long for, we toil for, we sweat for, we climb over others for, we compete for, we lie for, we kill for — to say the least — we can find freely in our loving Father?

If that is the case, then that is gospel truth indeed.  We do not need to continue to toil and suffer in labour, as if our work goes unappreciated and fruitless.  In God’s economy and design, His steadfast love is better than life.  In our spirit, we connect with His Spirit, and it is our soul who clings to Him.  In this clinging, our flesh follows suit.

Be blessed, brothers and sisters!  For God’s love is accessible to all; we need only make ourselves humble for Him, desperate enough for Him, so that more of his love can fill us; so that more of His Spirit will dwell in us; so that more of His will takes place through us.  Let us all swear by the one King, who shall rejoice in God, and let all who swear by the name of that King exult over the mouths of liars and deception.

BOOK 2: PSALM 63 OF 72 – My soul will be satisfied

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