Book 1 – Psalm 32 of 41: He forgives

Psalm 32 takes a different trajectory from the tone taken in the more recent chapters of Christ speaking of His experiences on the cross.  The aftermath, the blessing which flows from His cruciform salvific work, is described in this chapter, another form of an Old Testament Beatitude (c.f. Matthew 5) bookended by language similar to Psalm 1.  Here we see David speaking of the gift of salvation which comes from Christ.  Blessed be the one whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered (v.1); blessed be the man against whom the LORD counts no iniquity and in whose spirit there is no deceit (v.2).  Is there any such man save for Christ?  He is truly the blessed one indeed!

David acknowledges his sin to the LORD, such confession being immediately forgiven (v.5).  This is the gift of righteousness to us – and the foundation of the blessed man is such forgiveness, is that such iniquity is not counted against Him, such that David’s faith is counted to him as righteousness (c.f. Romans 4).  Therefore we should not stay silent but regularly confess our sins to the One who heals, who reminds us that we are sinless in the Son.  Let us not stay silent and let our bones waste away through our groaning (v.3), because He is David’s hiding place, Christ’s Deliverer, and our deliverance (v.7).  Is not fear of the LORD the beginning of wisdom and understanding (Proverbs 1:7)?  So also we should not be ignorant and foolish like a horse or a mule (v.9), but let us be sheep filled with wisdom to follow the Shepherd.


Book 1 – Psalm 32 of 41: He forgives

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