Book 1 – Psalm 31 of 41: Into Your hand I commit My spirit

So Psalm 30 leads naturally into this chapter.  V1-2 – “…in your righteousness deliver!… rescue em speedily!  Be a rock of refuge for me, a strong fortress to save me!”  These are the words of Christ on the cross, that He relies on His Father the Rock of His refuge.  “Into your hand I commit my spirit” – so Christ utters these words in his last breath before his death (Luke 23:46), but these are not words of dejection.  Quite the contrary, these are words built on hope!  As Matthew Henry states with regard to this chapter:

Christ’s using those words upon the cross may warrant us to apply all this to Christ, who trusted in his Father and was supported and delivered by him, and (because he humbled himself) highly exalted, which it is proper to think of when we sing these verses, as also therein to acknowledge the experience we have had of God’s gracious presence with us in our troubles and to encourage ourselves to trust in him for the future.

The chapter continues in this hope in v7 – the Father has seen the Christ’s affliction, knowing the distress of Jesus’ soul, and yet the Father has not delivered Him into the hand of the enemy!

Have we ever considered the sorrow which we bestowed upon our Bridegroom?  He was distressed, eye, soul and body wasted from grief (v.9); life spent with sorrow, burdened by the iniquity we gave him – as Matthew Henry states, an “affliction” which God laid upon David when he quarreled with Saul, yet David’s righteousness was never in question as never was Christ’s own righteousness, as his bones waste away because of his burden to fight against false prophets and liars (v.10); forgotten and forsaken (v.12); scheming together to break the bonds between the Father and the Son as the enemy had planned (v.13; c.f. Psalm 2) – yet, despite all this, the Christ continues to trust in the Father.  The Father, who in His right time (v.15) will rescue Jesus from the hand of His enemies and persecutors and save him (v.16).  Just as in chapter 30 that Christ’s mourning shall be turned to dancing, so now the curse of the enemy should be turned upon them:  let them be put to shame and go to Sheol; let their lying lips be mute (v.17-18).  Although Christ is presently suffering and persecuted, it is the Father’s abundant goodness which is stored up for those who fear Him and worked for those who take refuge in Him (c.f. Romans 8:28).  How beautiful it is for Christ to trust in the Father’s sovereignty as He hung on the cross to die!  Even in death the Father’s love is real and tangible!

So Christ pleas for us to hear the voice of the Father – that all the Christians from Adam down to present shall love Him because He faithfully preserves the faithful, abundantly repaying the ones who curse with curses (v.23).  Just as Christ waited and received the Father’s full glory, so also we should wait on Him who will not fail us.  Are we ready to commit our spirits into His hand?

Book 1 – Psalm 31 of 41: Into Your hand I commit My spirit

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