Book 1 – Psalm 28 of 41: God the Father – Rock of Christ

This is the Rock whom Christ clings to – “my rock, be not deaf to me” (v. 1). Christ must continue to yearn for His Father in the midst of His suffering, His glory magnified in the pinnacle of His weakness and reliance. The Father’s silence will lead the Son to the pit; the Father’s voice will lift Him up to the right hand of the throne (c.f. Psalm 29).

Thus, in this chapter, Christ pleas for His voice to be heard – crying for help (v. 2), lifting up His hands to the innermost sanctuary; to the most intimate of rooms; to the Holy of Holies. That is where the Father resides. He is the same Rock who protects Christ from the wicked, from the workers of evil, from the hypocrites who speak peace with evil motivations – their fruit will be dead, just as their souls are ensnared by the evil one (v.3-4).

Christ’s voice of His pleas is indeed heard (v.6) – how beautiful is He, the Lord who is Christ’s strength and shield, the One in Whom Christ’s heart rests and exults and sings with overflowing joy like the moment a river breaks an unyielding dam (v.7). He is the One who is both the strength of Christ and of His sheep; who is the saving refuge of Jesus the Messiah, the Anointed One. Christ is the Father’s heritage, and the sheep share in the glories and riches of their one and only Shepherd (v8-9). Do our hearts exult as we consider His magnificent love? Do we make pleas of mercy, in the same desperation as Christ? Do we rely on Christ as our shepherd, or are we the shepherds?

Book 1 – Psalm 28 of 41: God the Father – Rock of Christ

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