Book 1 – Psalm 17 of 41: Treasures in Jesus

So Jesus pleads as the beloved Son to His Father. Hear, O Father – attend to the cry of Christ (v.1) and give ear to His prayers (v.2), for He is righteous (v.3-6). Show your love to him (v.7) and keep him as the apple of Your eye (v.8), protecting him from the wicked who do the Lamb violence (v.9). So sin crouches at our doorstep, like a lion eager to tear, as a young lion lurking in ambush (v.12) – subdue the enemy Father, let us not play with fire or dwell in the presence of the wicked lest we descend into a mire of filth, letting the lion tear us up, letting the young lion chew on our flesh and us allowing it! Let us eagerly and desperately run far away from the enemy, from sin, and cling onto you Father, just as Christ is the apple of Your eye, so we also seek to remain in your presence as the apple of Your eye. Let my portion be you, let my treasure be the crowns of those who are saved in Your name, let not my portion, my treasure, my legacy be found only in the satisfaction of our children, our abundance left to our infants. Just as Christ looked only to serve His bride the Church, so also we should also seek first His righteousness, and all these things will be given to us as well, so that when we awake in new creation, we will be satisfied with your likeness first and foremost (Matthew 6:33).

Book 1 – Psalm 17 of 41: Treasures in Jesus

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