Book 1 – Psalm 16 of 41: The Father will not abandon Christ to Sheol

The Blameless One of chapter 15 is the One in whom I take refuge. Jesus – You are my LORD, I have no good apart from you (c.f. John 15:5)!

As Paul Blackham states in his Book by Book study on the Psalms:

In Acts 2:25-31 Peter quotes from Psalm 16 while talking about the Resurrection of Jesus.  According to the apostle Peter, David wrote these great prophecies about the Messiah and when we read these psalms we must read them in that way.  He introduces his quotation by saying, “David said about Him…” He concludes his explanation of the psalm by saying, “David was a prophet and knew that God had promised him on oath that He would place one of his descendants on his throne. Seeing what was ahead, (David) spoke of the Resurrection of the Christ, that He was not abandoned to the grave, nor did His body see decay.”

And again, these are the words of the Christ speaking to the Father as we participate in the Divine dialogue between the two Persons. Christ delight in the saints (Psalm 122:1) and those who said to Him, let us go to the House of the LORD! His joy is in us, in His Bride, in His Church!

Let Christ’s joys multiply as the sorrows of those who worship another god multiply; let Christ not bend His knee to the enemy for the Father is all sufficient. The Father holds Christ’s inheritance, just as we share in His inheritance, as Christ’s co-heirs. We have no inheritance outside of the Redeemer. The Father is Christ’s strength; He who is firm will cause Christ to stand firm; in the Father shall Christ remain unshaken, his whole being rejoicing for His heart is glad and His flesh dwells securely in the Father’s love! Do we hear this sweet song sung to us directly by our Bridegroom? Can we remain strong in Him, He who remained strong in His Unshaken Father? For the Father will not abandon Jesus to the pit, Sheol, hell – or let Jesus see corruption. Instead, the Father will raise up Christ, and make known to him the path of life which is filled with the fullness of joy in the Father’s presence. Let us too find joy in the Christ who tasted the surpassing intimacy of the Father!

Book 1 – Psalm 16 of 41: The Father will not abandon Christ to Sheol

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