Book 1 – Psalm 7 of 41: God the judge, Christ our refuge

In this Psalm we see David, the King of Israel, taking refuge in God His Saviour, His Deliverer – for the reason that he is persecuted by the ravaging enemy seeking to tear his soul apart. Yet, David does not first blame his enemy; rather, his first response is to look at himself and ask the LORD to reveal to him if there is wrong in his hands, if he has repaid his friend with evil, or plundered his enemy without cause. Such an example of humbleness, a man who seeks not to judge others first, but would readily accept judgment if he has done wrong. “Let the enemy pursue my soul and overtake it, and let him trample my life to the ground and lay my glory in the dust.” Is it not the same for the LORD Jesus Christ? If His works are not completely holy, if He only took one mis-step during his life as a Nazarene, if He bent His knee to Satan, would not the Mediator of creation be rightfully destroyed and forever cut off man from the third heaven? Yet, just as we meditate on David’s words and render them as words of Jesus, so we must be conscious not to first look at the sin of others, but look at ourselves against the standard of Christ.

David then pleads for the LORD to arise and, in His anger, wipe out the enemies – and that his anger against sin should know no bounds. Just as much David understands judgment should fall upon him, so also his enemies should not be excluded. The LORD has appointed a judgment (v.6), the LORD judges the peoples (v.8), including David according to his righteousness and integrity in him (v.8), He is the righteous judge (v.11). So David, finding refuge in the Name of the LORD, the Most High (v.17), would also be judged according to his faith in the Second LORD of Psalm 110. But the wicked, will be crushed by the Son (Psalm 2). He can only be pleased with us if our righteousness is the same as His righteousness – praise the Son indeed for gifting us His righteous robes (Isaiah 61:11)!

If the wicked wish to enter into new creation and behold their Life-giver, then repent! (v.12) God’s judgment is coming – he is whetting his sword, bending his bow, preparing his deadly weapons – yet the LORD first bent the bow toward himself, toward His Son, by setting the upward facing bow in the heavens after the global flood. Would you believe in the Son who is destroyed first for our gain? Would you believe in the one who suffered outside the city gate to purify us with his blood? Would you go out to him and bear the disgrace he bore? (Hebrews 13:13) Or will you dig your own pit, falling into the hole that you made, bear the brunt of your own mischief, receive your violence on your own skull? Let us not boast then in our works, in our deeds, which only lay a path to Sheol – but boast in His righteousness and worship the Name.

Book 1 – Psalm 7 of 41: God the judge, Christ our refuge

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