Book 1 – Psalm 6 of 41: Jesus delivered

The LORD disciplines us in his love – not in his anger or in his wrath. God is love; He is gracious; He is the healer; He is the deliverer; He is the Saviour – for the sake of His steadfast love! Indeed, He gives life – so much life that we remember Him, for in death and in Sheol there can be no memoir or praise of Him. Yet, the Christian can also be weary in intercession for the world; just as Christ prayed in the blood of his sweat in intercession for the world and his disciples, just as Abraham pleaded for Sodom and Gomorrah, Isaiah and Ezekiel for Israel, Elijah and Elisha for the restoration of the Promised Land, Joseph and Moses for the Israelites – these are all Christians who are weary in fighting the world and restoring it for His kingdom. Yet, it is the LORD who heals and restores us first, before we partake in the work of restoration.

Let us then plead to God that the evil workers depart from us – He is living! He is the LORD who hears our pleas, our prayers. The Father is the One who hears the prayer of the Son (c.f. John 17), and just as the enemies of the Son are broken and shattered as in Psalm 2, so all of the Christ’s enemies shall be ashamed and greatly troubled. Let us claim this in our lives – that in Him, though we are weary, we are also victorious for the Intercessor is the Conduit through Whom our prayers are heard by the Father. Yet, standing outside of Him, all enemies shall be put to shame and revealed for where they belong – in death, in Sheol.

Book 1 – Psalm 6 of 41: Jesus delivered

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