Book 1 – Psalm 2 of 41: Jesus, the Anointed One

Traditional methods have placed Psalms 1 and 2 as one Psalm, as the gateway to the entire book/collection of Psalms.

  • Here we see a contrast between the microcosm of the tension between the blessed man and the wicked enemy in chapter 1, scaled to the macrocosm of nations raging, peoples plotting, kings of the earth setting themselves, rulers taking counsel together – all against the Father and against Jesus, his Anointed;
  • They wish to break the bonds of the love between the Father and the Son (John 17);
  • Yet, the Father holds them in derision and laughs – he has set his King, the Christ, on Zion, on His holy hill.
  • The Father thus said to the Psalmist who speaks as the typological Anointed One as the Father did to Christ in the gospels – You are my Son, the begotten one (c.f. gospels; John 3);
  • The nations are the Blessed Man’s heritage, the ends of the earth His possession.  It is the Blessed Man who shall break the enemy with a rod of iron and das them in pieces like a potter’s vessel.  Do we bear the same power and authority as Christ, the Promised Blessed Man of Genesis 3:15?  Do we claim in Christ’s name the victory of possessing the nations as our heritage?  Are we the meek that shall inherit the earth, the holy man of the Beatitudes (Matthew 5)?

As Paul Blackham states in his Book by Book study on Psalms, “In Hebrews 1:5 we are told that Psalm 2 contains a speech from the Father to the Son…. Psalm 2 shows us how “the LORD and His Messiah” (Psalm 2:2 – NIV ‘Anointed One’) are not threatened at all by the wicked schemes of the world.  If we “kiss the Son” (love Him and embrace Him) we can take refuge in Him from the wrath of God.  In the following psalms the two options that lie before the human race are explored and examined.”

Therefore – the peoples of the earth should be wise and be warned – rejoice and Kiss the Son, Kiss the Anointed One, Kiss the Angel of the LORD – lest the Second Person of the Trinity be angry and destroy the enemy.  So v. 12 ends with how Psalm 1 began – “blessed” are all who take refuge in him, the first and true Blessed Man of Psalm 1.  Yet this blessed man is also ourselves, that we might not walk, stand or sit in the way of the wicked, but hide in the refuge of the Rock, the Son, whom we should kiss, worship, adore and love.  Indeed – blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb (Revelation 19:9)!

Book 1 – Psalm 2 of 41: Jesus, the Anointed One

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