1 Samuel 27: Blessing on both houses

Despite the continual grace experienced by Saul, he still seeks David’s blood as implied by his refusal to go out to him.  As such, David chooses to hide in the bosom of the rejected, that he is not only surrounded by six hundred worthless men but that he is now in the presence of the fathers of Goliath (1 Samuel 17:4).

Yet, this is reminiscent of our LORD and Saviour who is rejected, but whom the Father still elects to stand on our behalf.  David did not forget his identity as a Hebrew, nor did he forget his mission – to destroy the enemies of Israel.  Despite receiving even Ziklag, he has redeemed it for the kings of Judah (v.6).  Despite fellowshipping with the prostitutes and murderers (Acts 4:11, 7:35; Hebrews 11), he is destroying the idols which surround them (v.10-11) in their midst.  Although he is aligned with the man of terror of the winepress, the son of oppression, so also our Christ was given up over to oppression, over to being both the man on the winepress and himself to become the wine being pressed – all on the cross (Romans 8:32).  He is the LORD who unites both Jacob and Esau, he who married Ahinoam (“the pleasant brother”), he who was given Ziklag at furthest southern tribe of Judah, placed between the core of Israel and Edom (the descendant of Esau).

This is the utter stench (v.12) who is still the Elected and Anointed One fighting on behalf of Israel, the worm (Psalm 22:6) who dwells in the enemies’ grounds to defeat the rivals of old, from Geshurites to Amalekites (v.8).  These are the very same people whom Saul failed to destroy (c.f. chapter 28; and 1 Samuel 24), yet David completely demolished.  The rejected but God-elected Saviour carried out the LORD’s wrath against Amalek (chapter 28:18), whereas the accepted but God-rejected shadow provided the false gospel of mercy where mercy is no longer nor appropriately provided.

1 Samuel 27: Blessing on both houses

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