Deuteronomy and Joshua

Hey peeps,

I’ve just started work at a law firm in Hong Kong.  Would appreciate some prayers:

1.  That I have opportunities to share the gospel

2.  That I’m not afraid to lose my job as a result of His calling (though I need the money for the wedding and other things to come, I know He will provide nonetheless if I stick to His guns!)

3.  In relation to (2), that I’m *sure* it is His calling to speak at a particular time – so I must be sensitive to the Spirit!

4.  That He will give me some inspiration to set up a regular method through which I can speak to people about Jesus, and to raise up brothers and sisters who can start up the group with me as an OUTREACH rather than a “self-support” group per se.


On top of prayer requests, here is my Deuteronomy commentary which has been long time coming (also on the sermons/paper page).  I’ve also updated my Genesis commentary document, because I realised that I didn’t copy and paste the last part of chapter 49 and chapter 50 to the word document (though I wrote about them on this site).  Also added a “Pentateuch” page to gather the five commentaries so far, ending an “arc” per se of commenting on Moses’ books (until we return to his psalms in the books of Psalms!).

Finally, I’ve added a “Why Jesus?” page, because I realise that there are probably just as many Christians as non-Christians stumbling on this site.

Hope to resume blogging chapter by chapter beginning with the book of Joshua sometime this week!

Deuteronomy and Joshua